Boychild Productions
tailored made comics

Get a comic book made about yourself, your family or your company - recounting and recording the story.

Comic books, manga, graphic novels, illustrated stories are an excellent way of recording your biography. The words allow your thoughts and interactions to be recorded clearly, and the art brings the story fully alive in visual form. Its cheaper and easier than making a long film about yourself, but more visual than simply writing a text book.

All you need do is supply the biographical details (of what happened to whom, where, when, why etc within your real story) and reference material to help us get the details right (photos, clippings, text etc). We will then write a comic book script and illustrate it with one of our artists. Once you are happy with what we have done we will present the finished story to you on both paper and jpeg/ pdf formats.

The cost depends on the page length:

20 page story = 400 UK pounds/ 700 US dollars

35 page story = 580 UK pounds/ 1000 US dollars

50 page story = 800 UK pounds/ 1300 US dollars

As a special service we can also arrange the professional printing of the finished book for you, with a cover specially designed and printed at a specialist comic book printer. This will be a book good enough to be sold in shops and online. Contact us for the price of this extra service.

For more information and to get a comic book of your own life made, then please contact: